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ProovStation, Station R :

360° scan in 3 seconds
Inspections per day
Precision at millimeters
Challenge remarketing
Until now, evaluating car’s damages has been a job mainly for humans. However, manual vehicle inspections are slow, expensive, inconsistent and remain subjective. In a business where time counts and a few minutes can make a difference in cost for large volumes of cars, Station R is about to change the rules of the game.

To optimize the lead time, we provide standardized appraisals at a fraction of the cost and time of manual inspections, with virtually zero disputable or erroneous results.

Lead time
360° scan in 3 seconds
Designed for professionals of the automotive industry dealing with high volumes, our station R realizes an automatic high-resolution scan of a vehicle in less than 3 seconds, without stopping the flow, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Plug & Play
Station R
Lead time
Station R
High volumes
Station R
Available 24/7
AI powered car inspection
Our reliable Artificial Intelligence automatically identifies, locates, qualifies and quotes all damages and nonconformities on the vehicle with a millimeter precision.

Thanks to an automated, standardized and repetitive control method, we guarantee a consistency in the inspection process.

Accuracy - 95%
Station R
600 inspections/day
Stations R
precision - 5 mm
Station R
Damages detection
Trusted report inspection
Our inspection report brings traceability and trust by making vehicle inspections more transparent and reliable within your remarketing process.

Our report is time-stamped, geolocated and secured, thus unique.

Encrypted report
Stations R
Remarketing report

Tablet App - Interior inspection

Since a vehicle inspection is not limited to the bodywork, complete the inspection with our tablet app. Using a customized form template, you are guided step by step, to efficiently capture the interior condition as well.

User friendly

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